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Water: Sustainable Infrastructure

The Role Local Officials Play in Sustainable Water Infrastructure

"Big challenges like these are what make government service rewarding.
So you, the elected officials, have to take on the responsibility
to plan ahead for the benefit of your community."

—Mayor Ken Fallows, Haskins Village, OH

Local Officials Making a Difference

Why is it important for local officials to engage in the issue of sustainable water infrastructure?

Water infrastructure systems are a vital asset shared by all members of a community. Through stewardship of these assets, local officials play a unique role in:
  • Ensuring public health;
  • Driving economic stability and growth;
  • Protecting local water resources; and
  • Preserving an overall high quality of life.

The professionals who manage drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater systems need your support and leadership to adopt practices that will ensure the successful operation of these systems for years to come.

For more information on concrete steps you can take, visit our Five Things You Should Do page.


Nothing shows the potential of leaving a legacy or your mark better than real-world examples of the legacies other local officials have left their communities. The following case studies highlight your peers' successes in laying a sustainable water infrastructure foundation for the future.

Hear it in the Words of Your Peers

The Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) is a chartered body made up of local officials from across the country. The Committee gives independent advice to EPA on issues important to local governments. With fiscal support from EPA, LGAC prepared a short video and an accompanying "Successful Strategies" paper to reach out to peers regarding the importance of water infrastructure.


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